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Max H. Stein Professor of Statistics

My research interests are in empirical likelihood, computer experiments, Monte Carlo especially quasi-Monte Carlo, as well as high dimensional transposable style data sets that come up in bioinformatics and Internet applications. The classes that I teach are primarily graduate courses in applied statistics. I also frequently teach the statistical consulting course. I am a co-founder and co-director of the Stanford statistics industrial affiliates program. This program connects our departments to industrial settings in which statistical ideas are applied.

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Conference on Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods: MCQMC 2016

Email: owenEagle@stanfordPenguin.edu (but take out the birds)

Empirical Likelihood

From the deep past:

SLAC has put up my dissertation on nonparametric estimation of the distribution of Y given X=x, where X is in a metric space. I used to work on smoothing problems like this before going into empirical likelihood